Jaime Chamorro was born in Managua, Nicaragua the 13th of July of 1962.

Jaime began art lessons as a child. At the age of 15 he started with photography. He graduated in Architecture in 1993 from Universidad Autonoma de Centro America, Costa Rica.

Throughout the years, he has continually developed his creativity in art and photography. Jaime has exhibited his art in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the United States.

In Nicaragua he has exhibited at Pleyades Galeria, Codice, Instituto Nicaraguense de Cultura Hispanica (INCH), TreeCasa Resort, Art Warehouse, Hotel Contempo, Hotel Estrella and La Chureca Chic Boutique.

In the United States, he has exhibited at the Tannery in Santa Cruz, California.

In 2019 Jaime moved with his family to Dallas, Texas. He became a member of TVAA (TEXAS VISUAL ARTS ASSOCIATION) and participated in a collective exposition at the Marriot in downtown Dallas.

In 2021 he exhibited at La Tarte Tropezienne, in downtown Dallas.

Instagram: jaime.chamorro